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Dentist in Annandale utilizes a safe amalgam removal procedure to avoid mercury toxicity

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique in Annandale area

Located in Annandale, Dr. Richard Fischer of Evergreen Dental Wellness offers comprehensive holistic dental care. Holistic or biological dentistry focuses on caring for the whole patient, not just the oral cavity. Special care is taken to treat and preserve the patient’s overall health. Materials, procedures, and techniques are chosen based on their compatibility and safety. Amalgam fillings do not fit these criteria. When requested, patients may have their fillings removed. Dr. Fischer utilizes a safe mercury filling removal procedure to ensure the health and safety of his patients, the dental team, and the environment.

For many years, and still, in some cases, the mouth and body were treated as separate entities. The teeth, gums, and oral cavity were examined on their own without understanding how they affect the rest of the body. What goes in the mouth, good or bad, impacts the body. Holistic dentistry acknowledges this by treating the whole patient rather than focusing on one area. With this comes the understanding of the dangers of mercury and the rationale for amalgam filling removal.

Dangers of mercury in amalgam fillings

Mercury is a toxic, naturally occurring substance. Its dangers are well known. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified mercury as harmful at any level, even in small amounts. Unfortunately, that knowledge has not kept mercury out of products. It is still present in dental amalgam fillings to treat cavities.

Made up of a mixture of metals including mercury, copper, tin, and silver, amalgam fillings have been used in dentistry for years. Mercury binds the metals to create a strong filling material. Some dental practices used the fillings because they were less expensive, easy to insert, and durable. However, having mercury fillings may be a liability to your health. Mercury is toxic. The fillings can break which releases more mercury into the body. Temperature changes can cause the fillings to corrode and damage the teeth.

Mercury toxicity

Individuals who have amalgam fillings have measurable amounts of mercury in their bodies. Mercury evaporates from the fillings. The vapors are inhaled and absorbed by the bloodstream. Every time the person chews, small amounts of mercury are released and absorbed into the body.

Mercury is toxic. It is dangerous at any level and affects the systems of the body. Mercury can cause neurological damage, kidney and respiratory issues, and pregnancy-related problems. Mercury vapors are continuously inhaled into the body when patients have amalgam fillings. With increasing age, one’s body may become less effective at removing mercury from the body. This can lead to health problems. The severity of symptoms and potential issues may depend on the number of fillings, how long they have been in place, and how effective an individual’s body is in eliminating the toxin.

Safe mercury removal procedures

Safe mercury removal procedures in Annandale area

The team at Evergreen Dental Wellness understands the risks of mercury and the dangers amalgam fillings pose to patients, staff, and the environment. Our office is mercury free and mercury safe. Amalgam fillings are not placed. When they are removed, the process is done following the evidence based procedures developed by Dr Fischer and his colleagues while he was President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

Whether for aesthetic concerns or health issues, many patients are now choosing to have their amalgam fillings removed. Standard filling removal involves a drilling technique which exposes the patient and staff to unsafe mercury vapors. In our office when patients request amalgam filling removal, the fillings may be replaced with a metal-free, tooth-colored filling. Specific mercury-safe regulations are enacted before, during, and after the filling removal.

The technique for amalgam removal is designed to protect the patient, dental team, and environment. This strict protocol minimizes mercury exposure during the removal process. Some of the safety measures include:

  • An amalgam separator collects mercury waste from the waste water.
  • Two vacuum devices remove mercury vapor and amalgam particulate from both inside the mouth and from in front of the face..
  • The patient and dental team wears protective gear to shield themselves from mercury exposure.
  • The patient rinses with activated charcoal or chlorella after the procedure. This helps absorb mercury residue.
  • A nasal hood keep the patient from inhaling additional vapor exposure.

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Dr. Fischer is a board member member, Past President, and Program Chairman of the IAOMT and is committed to protecting his patients’ overall health and wellness. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fischer, contact Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale, VA. Call 703-215-9630.

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