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Benefits of Metal-Free Implants

Benefits of Metal-Free Implants in Annandale VA Area

At some point in their lives, many people, including those living in and around Annandale, Virginia, lose a tooth. Tooth loss is detrimental because it affects not just our smiles but also our overall physical health. When we have missing teeth, all of these issues can happen:

  • Shifting of remaining natural teeth
  • Inefficient and uncomfortable chewing
  • Gum disease becomes more of a risk
  • Loss of bite force
  • Increased risk of cavities in remaining teeth
  • Bone loss
  • Facial shape can change, with cheeks looking hollow

How Can Dental Implants Restore Missing Teeth?

In the 1980s, titanium dental implants became available and quickly became a popular option for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants function as your natural teeth because where the “root” of the tooth used to be is replaced with a titanium screw that is embedded in the jawbone.

Once the jawbone fuses with the screw, a porcelain crown is placed over the new “tooth.” Unless you tell people you have a dental implant, they are unlikely to see that for themselves. 

Metal Sensitivity and Dental Implants

As titanium implants became more popular, varying ranges of titanium alloys were used. Because every person’s physiology is unique, some patients react negatively to the metals used in even bio-friendly titanium alloy. The good news is that patients who want metal-free implants have another solution. Dental ceramic implants work just like titanium screws. 

Benefits of Metal-Free Implants Annandale Virginia

While titanium implants are effective for many patients, there are reasons why some patients need or prefer non-metal dental implants. Perhaps they have a metal allergy or sensitivity or just want a metal-free mouth. 

The good news is that patients who want metal-free implants have another solution. Dental ceramic implants and zirconia work just like titanium screws. They are implanted into the jawbone and perfectly mimic a natural tooth. Like the titanium screws of traditional implants, ceramic implants fuse with the jawbone. 

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When the implant is solid in the jawbone, the implant is capped with a crown or used as an anchor for a dental bridge that will replace more missing teeth. 

Ceramic oxides allow for a broadening of applications that use these ceramic implants in implantology and metal-free dentistry. Additional benefits of metal-free implants include:

  • Bioinert properties: Patients are unlikely to have an allergic or adverse reaction to zirconia or ceramics. 
  • Structural stability: Zirconia is a strong implant. 
  • Aesthetics: These implants look beautiful in your smile. 

Solutions for Metal-Free Dental Implants in Annandale, Virginia

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