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Holistic/Biological Dentistry

Highly-qualified holistic dentist in Annandale, VA

Holistic or biological dentistry blends the best of conventional dental practice, complementary, and alternative medicine together with modern technologies and leading-edge dental materials and techniques. As a highly-credentialed holistic and biological general dentist, Dr. Richard Fischer delivers this overarching level of care to patients in the Annandale, VA area.

Whole health concept

When you choose Dr. Fischer as your dentist, you can be sure:

  • You will be listened to, understood, and appreciated.
  • Your dental care will relate to you as an entire person.
  • The importance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being will be respected, as well as your dental health.
  • You will receive appropriate information to make informed treatment choices.
  • Treatment options are intended to enhance your overall health.
  • Treatment is focused on fostering your body’s innate ability to heal itself.
  • Inter-disciplinary dental care is integrated with your other healthcare providers.
  • Your dentist is dedicated to expanding his knowledge, skills, awareness, and ideas.

Holistic Dentistry: more than just a Dental treatment - Dr. Richard D. Fischer

Holistic Dentistry: more than just a Dental treatment - Dr. Richard D. Fischer
Holistic Dentistry is more than just looking into the health of your teeth and gum. Dr. Richard D. Fischer,DDS of Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale, VA shows you an alternative approach to the general well being of his patients by focusing on non-toxic material for dental work.

What is Holistic Dentistry?
Any good dentist or medical doctor should be someone holistic and what that means is that they are not only looking at the mechanical in the case of dentistry success of the restored work like a filling or crown or a bridge.

But also, how does that procedure handle that material, impact, the overall half of that patient’s body. Their biochemistry, physiology, emotional state, their energetic state and so forth.

Therefore, when you do a procedure, or you implant a device whether it could be a filling or crown or anything like that into the body it may be helpful to know what that body tolerates and what it doesn’t.

Can dental materials be toxic?
None of the dental materials that we use is something that the body has ever seen before. They are all foreign bodies. Some of them are flat out toxic, mercury is toxic, certain forms of nickel is flat out toxic, lead is toxic to everybody. But some materials that are not toxic can cause an allergic reaction or a delayed allergic reaction. These reaction can be found on certain types of blood tests

What is the Clifford Blood test?
We were one of the first dentists on the East half of the country to use the Clifford’s test. It is a blood test that can screen patients’ immune systems for reactivity to about 18,000 different dental restoration material.

We can look at how a patient reacts to a filling material, crown denture, braces, implants.

So that is one thing that seeing how the body reacts if it does have a problem with things and then using the materials that are benign to that patient.

Everybody’s chemistry and physiology are different, everybody is different and there are some materials that we found that almost no one does well with.

Some materials that 96-98% of the population do just fine with.

Do you do the Clifford blood test at your practice?
At our practice, we have been doing this test for about 35 years and found that certain materials we can safely use in almost everybody but not everybody.

We give that as an option to patients’ if they want to have this test done, if they are concerned, if they have autoimmune problems, or have a lot of allergic problems they react to. So, it may be something that they would consider and that is one thing that we do.

What is the difference between holistic and conventional dentistry?
I think holistic dentistry is the same as conventional dentistry, but we just maybe look at a few other factors with how they may react to things.

Learning from the patients is how we grow as clinicians and so we do want to know their emotional state, physical and spiritual wellbeing not that we are treating those things directly but we want to respect what they are coming in with and do procedures that are going to support and not undermine those parts of their wellness.

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Why Annandale, VA patients choose the care of a holistic dentist

Richard D. Fischer, DDS provides a broad range of services to help you enjoy optimal wellness and a winning smile. That is accomplished with biologically friendly techniques and non-toxic materials. For example, he has been a mercury-safe and mercury-free dentist since 1982 – the practice places no “silver amalgam” mercury fillings and adheres to strict IAOMT protocols for the safest possible mercury fillings removal. We test for and carefully select the safest materials that are the most biocompatible, for each of the procedures we perform. Plus, natural ozone therapy, clinical nutritional approaches, and homeopathic support help avoid the need for harsh anti-bacterial chemicals.

I’ve known Dr. Fischer for many years and strongly support his approach to Healthy Dentistry. I know him to be a dedicated, caring, highly trained, skilled and experienced holistic dentist. His commitment to quality, health-focused dentistry, his ongoing dedication to continuing education, and his concern for his patients health and well being, makes him ideally suited to safely remove and replace mercury amalgam fillings.

He is also unique in that he is also a naturopathic physician and fully understands the important relationship between oral and overall health. This combination makes him extraordinarily qualified to not only diagnose and treat oral problems but overall health issues as well. I believe that the way Dr. Fischer practices dentistry will become the standard for how dentistry is practiced in the future.

Dr. Fischer is a charter member of my Mercury Safe Dentist Association and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a mercury free, mercury safe, and compassionate dentist.

Tom McGuire, DDS

Dr. Fischer’s goal is for you to enjoy life with comfortable oral function that feels good from head to toe. This includes treatment for TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and periodontal disease. Though biological dental care is extremely advantageous to adults, it is even more valuable for children, as they get lifelong benefits of a healthier start. Biological/holistic dentistry is aesthetic, as well as functional. You can feel great about an attractive, metal-free smile with treatments such as cosmetic bonding and zirconia ceramic dental implants and crowns.

This may sound like much more attention from a dentist than you are accustomed to. However, it is affordable dental care in the long term, helping you avoid situations that lead to extensive and expensive dental or medical treatment in the future.

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