Metal-Free Implants

Metal-free dental implants

Since their introduction in the 1980s, titanium dental implants have become a premier replacement option for missing teeth. Yet many patients now want metal-free mouths. Dr. Richard Fischer offers a beautiful solution – ceramic dental implants.

Understanding implants

A dental bridge sits on top of gum tissue, with an artificial tooth affixed in place by, and a denture is removable. While these prosthetics complete the smile and restore some level of function, they do not help to preserve facial bone. Only a dental implant can do that.

An implant replicates the root of a missing tooth. The device is placed into jawbone, where it becomes solidly fused, and continues to provide stimulation that keeps bone strong. The implant is topped with a crown or used to anchor a bridge or denture.

Why choose metal-free dental implants?

Replacement of dentition with techniques that are both functional and aesthetic has presented a challenge to dentistry. Titanium dental implants have a history of success. However, as they became more popular, a wider variety of titanium alloys is used. Each patient has a unique physiology, and some simply cannot tolerate even this purportedly bio-friendly metal.

For decades, researchers sought a suitable, alternative material. They found it in the form of dental ceramics. This type of material has proven adaptable to the changing needs of modern dentistry. Today, new ceramic oxides broaden the applications of ceramics in metal-free dentistry and dental implantology.

Zirconia polycrystalline non-metal dental implants have emerged as a strong and viable alternative to titanium. With meticulous manufacturing protocols and advanced formulations, zirconia bioceramics are superior to titanium in the areas of:

  • Biocompatibility – The body accepts zirconia, and it does not contribute to oral galvanism (electrical current created by multiple metals in the mouth).
  • Bioinert properties – Chance of allergic reaction is virtually nil, and zirconia does not irritate gum tissue.
  • Structural stability – Excellent biomechanical properties and one-piece design add strength and create fewer points where failure could occur.
  • Aesthetics – Because the implant is white, the restoration does not have a gray cast. There is no dark line if gums recede from aging.

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I’ve been a patient of Dr. Fischer’s for over 25 years. He has fixed multiple teeth issues for me over the years. His office staff is friendly and professional and his hygienists are the best! Dr. Fischer has become a great friend, in addition to being a wealth of knowledge on many health subjects besides oral care. His gentle approach and concern along with his expertise are why I heartily recommend him!