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Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your smile the best it can be with cosmetic dentistry Annandale, VA

At one time, dentistry was simply a means to fix problems with teeth. Fortunately, in today’s era of holistic fitness, we recognize the much broader scope of dentistry, including cosmetic dental care. Dr. Richard Fischer brings a whole-health approach to his patients in the Annandale, VA area.

Is aesthetic dentistry holistic?

Modern cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in a holistic strategy that considers all facets of the patient’s wellness – oral, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Feeling good about what you see in the mirror, and smiling outwardly with the resulting confidence, is obviously part of that. Yet Dr. Fischer’s care takes the concept a step further with body-friendly techniques utilized in procedures that beautify the smile.

As a biological dentist, he seeks out the safest available, non-toxic materials to correct dental imperfections and enhance the natural character of smiles.

Options in cosmetic dentistry available in Annandale, VA

Cosmetic dentistry is basically any treatment primarily intended to improve appearance. However, there is a lot of crossover – some cosmetic treatments have structural benefits, and aesthetics is a concern with virtually every restorative procedure.

At Evergreen Dental Wellness, a smile enhancement program is tailored to your specific needs. You are assured of receiving information necessary to make sensible treatment decisions, from benefits and expected longevity to cosmetic dentistry cost.

Your personalized plan may include one or a combination of these options:

  • Dental implants – Dr. Fischer uses strong, metal-free zirconia implants. They do not give the tooth a gray cast or show a dark line at the gum.
  • Porcelain veneers – Thin layers of lustrous porcelain are expertly crafted to hide a multitude of imperfections – discoloration, unusual shape or size, minor misalignment, cracks and chips in enamel, and more.
  • Teeth bonding – Cosmetic bonding may be an economical alternative to porcelain veneers. One tooth can be addressed in about an hour, usually without numbing.
  • Teeth whitening – Professional whitening products safely penetrate pores in enamel, lifting pigments that cause discoloration – without harm to teeth or soft tissues, and with minimal risk of sensitivity.

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