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What to Expect from a Safe Mercury Removal Dentist in Annandale

Our experienced dentist Dr. Richard Fischer explains what to expect from a safe mercury removal dentist. Visit Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale, VA

Concerns continue to rise over mercury amalgam fillings that were commonly used in dentistry in past years. If you’re looking for a safe mercury removal dentist in Annandale, you are probably already interested in finding out more about the safe removal of mercury amalgam. Today, more patients want to understand some of the basics of amalgam fillings and what is involved in removing them. Let’s dive in and do a brief overview of what is involved in the process of removing mercury from your teeth.

What Is a Biological Dentist?

For safe removal of mercury amalgam, you will need to see a biological dentist. Using a combination of alternative medicine and modern technologies, a biological dentist will ensure that the materials used in the procedures they perform are biocompatible with your unique biochemistry and immunology. Biological dentists use materials that have a minimal amount of stress on a person’s immune system.

Here are some key elements of holistic dentistry.

  • Dental care relates to you as an entire human being
  • Your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being is respected along with your dental health
  • All treatments are intended to enhance a patient’s overall health
  • Treatments foster your body’s innate ability to heal
  • Biologically friendly techniques and non-toxic materials

Steps for Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam

The key to safely removing your old silver fillings is understanding that your dentist will try to keep you from ingesting the mercury.

  • You may wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.
  • You will be breathing clean air to minimize breathing the mercury vapor and microparticles from around your face.
  • A nasal hood will cover your nose.
  • The staff will constantly squirt cold water on the filling as they are drilling it out.
  • A high-speed suction device will be in use to pull particles away from the tooth.
  • Rinsing with Chlorella or powdered charcoal will be offered to remove microparticles of amalgam.

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Safe Mercury Removal Dentist in Annandale

When you are ready to learn more about the safe removal of mercury amalgam, get in touch with Dr. Richard Fischer and the team at Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale. You can call us at 703-215-9630 or contact us online. We are here to answer any questions you have about the process and discuss your options with you.

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