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You attend sports activities as a family. At times, you have to take that old picnic basket out for an upcoming family activity. When you do things with your loved ones, it’s fun-filled, and the memories keep piling up. Wouldn’t it be great if you attended one dentist as a family? Going this route yields many benefits for you and your loved ones. If you are in Annandale, Virginia, and are looking for a trusted dentist to take care of your family’s dental needs, you can’t go wrong with Richard D. Fischer, DDS, because it’s our primary goal to keep … Continue reading

Is It Safe to Remove Mercury Fillings from Your Teeth?

Remove Mercury Fillings from Your Teeth

Although silver amalgam fillings have been the go-to cavity filler for over 150 years, there’s a growing concern today about their safety. Approximately 50% of a silver filling is composed of the toxic element mercury, combined with zinc, copper, and other metals to form an amalgam. Removing and replacing these fillings safely requires knowledge and skill. At the office of Richard D. Fischer, DDS, in Annandale, we offer safe and effective mercury removal to avoid accidental exposure to this toxic element when removing amalgam fillings from your teeth. When is it necessary to remove Silver Fillings? No filling lasts forever. … Continue reading

What to Expect from a Safe Mercury Removal Dentist in Annandale

Our experienced dentist Dr. Richard Fischer explains what to expect from a safe mercury removal dentist. Visit Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale, VA

Concerns continue to rise over mercury amalgam fillings that were commonly used in dentistry in past years. If you’re looking for a safe mercury removal dentist in Annandale, you are probably already interested in finding out more about the safe removal of mercury amalgam. Today, more patients want to understand some of the basics of amalgam fillings and what is involved in removing them. Let’s dive in and do a brief overview of what is involved in the process of removing mercury from your teeth. What Is a Biological Dentist? For safe removal of mercury amalgam, you will need to … Continue reading

At long last… a belated announcement from FDA !

Dental Amalgam FDA Issues at Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale VA Area

First, a brief historical background: In July of 1982 I attended a medical & dental seminar in Chicago and heard researchers present data that showed mercury was released from dental amalgam fillings and that the health of a significant portion of patients was severely damaged by that toxic exposure. It was precisely then that I decided to immediately abandon the use of mercury fillings in my practice…until research might establish its safety. Thirty eight years later, I still haven’t seen evidence of safety…. because it does not exist. In 1991 I was asked to attend an NIH hearing on the … Continue reading

Find Emergency Dental Solutions in Annandale, VA

Emergency Dental Solutions at Evergreen Dental Wellness in Annandale VA Area

Tooth and jaw pain can be a sign of serious infection, and Emergency Room services can only offer stop-gap measures. Cracked teeth, lost fillings, and tooth pain need treatment before the problem gets worse. In order to get the care you need, you’ll need to see a dentist immediately. Dr. Richard Fischer can provide emergency dental solutions in Annandale, VA to relieve toothaches and other serious issues. At Evergreen Dental Wellness, we offer safe, non-toxic solutions, and we avoid using harsh chemicals that can come in contact with your mouth. Our materials will bond with your body without causing irritation … Continue reading

Dentist in Annandale utilizes a safe amalgam removal procedure to avoid mercury toxicity

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique in Annandale area

Located in Annandale, Dr. Richard Fischer of Evergreen Dental Wellness offers comprehensive holistic dental care. Holistic or biological dentistry focuses on caring for the whole patient, not just the oral cavity. Special care is taken to treat and preserve the patient’s overall health. Materials, procedures, and techniques are chosen based on their compatibility and safety. Amalgam fillings do not fit these criteria. When requested, patients may have their fillings removed. Dr. Fischer utilizes a safe mercury filling removal procedure to ensure the health and safety of his patients, the dental team, and the environment. For many years, and still, in … Continue reading